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#1 2017-06-23 06:31:09

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Chart Geany Can't Find Index

Hi there.
I have just installed and tried out Chart Geany, and I must say it looks quite nice! smile
I have added a couple stocks, and all is working. However, I can't seem to load and index? I have tried using the Google option and the Yahoo option, but it keeps coming back and saying not found?!
The index I am looking for is J203 (LSE listed), and tracks the JSE All Share Index. I can find the index on Yahoo Finance (J203.L), but Chart Geany cant find it.
Is this a bug. or is there a way to import the index?


#2 2017-06-23 12:44:17

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Re: Chart Geany Can't Find Index

Welcome daz!

Some indices do not allow free, or real time redistribution of historic quotes. A good example is DJIA. While yahoo or google will show you the current price and historical data, they block the historical data download. Maybe you can try an ETF that tracks this index and have a nice chart on your screen!


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